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UK Street Address Database

Whether you seek to establish UK Street level geography:

  • for marketing, planning, analysis, costing, routing, distribution purposes
  • to validate and / or enhance your existing information
  • to save time, resources sourcing addresses and avoid errors
  • for construction of automated in-fill
  • across the UK or for a regional / bespoke requirement
...this information set providesa comprehensive, structured, quality solution.

Created and compiled by us "in house", using numerous highly complex multi-pass intelligent string analysis and variable evaluation/comparison programmes, conceived, designed and programmed by us to apply over 20 years expert subject knowledge to processing and cross verification of information within our real world muti-million record address data.

  • File comprises 5 fields: 1) Postcode, 2) Street,3) Locality, 4) PostTown and 5) County
  • Supplied as ASCII Delimited Comma Separated Text ~ approx 105Mb
  • Fields 1) "Postcode", 4) "PostTown" and 5) "County", are always populated.
  • Field 2) "Street" is populated where applicable to field 1) and available. "Street" is not always applicable/available to field 1); this arises in many rural areas and also in relation to specialised & non-geographic code types.
  • Field 3) "Locality" is populated where applicable/available ~ explained further below.

Special Notes

  • Both "Street" & "Locality" fields can hold expansive detail; where this occurs it is concatenated but separated by a comma (example: "Market Square, High Street").
  • The file has a very high and ever increasing "Locality" coding; over 1 million records.
  • We provide "Locality" against records of London's 8 Areas; such records contain either:
       a) real "Locality" name followed by that of the Local Authority in brackets
       or b) at a minimum the name of the Local Authority in brackets
    This provides significantly enhanced real geography across London; the ability to use both/either element or exclude the Local Authority detail if desired, as it is always held in (brackets) and thus easy to isolate from the field.
  • Our "County" coding is based on "Street" & "Postcode" location, as opposed to that of the "PostTown"; this provides greater accuracy, as the latter can on occasions be miles from the actual Street location and in a different "County".
  • Supply based on a "per server" pricing model, as opposed to "per click", provides clients an accurate annual financial commitment.

"UK Street Address Database" ~ comprehensive ~ structured ~ quality information.

Note: Should you require enhancement of our standard product, for example by inclusion of additional information such as Geo-referencing (in Latitude&Longitude or Grid), Height above sea level (altitude) in metres, do not hesitate to contact us with detail of your requirement/objective. Our extensive experience in engineering bespoke databases/GIS/addressing enables us to achieve an optimised, accurate, cost effective client solution.

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