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Geo-reference Conversion - all major world systems

If you have geo-referenced data which you require accurately converted, for example UK National Grid to Latitude & Longitude or vice versa (WGS84, OSGB36.), email us details of your existing geo-referencing, the format and structure of your data, an approximation of the number of records, the conversion you seek, your ideal output format etc. We will gladly review such without any form of obligation and provide you a competitive quote if your requirement is feasible.

We do not use short cuts, "approximate" conversion methods/formula or the conversion tools present in some GIS packages. We utilise specialist software dedicated to accurate conversion, with many hundreds of Datums and Grids encompassing all the major world systems. We are able to handle many varied "input" formats and will provide conversion "output" in the format that best suites you for example Decimal Degrees (to decimal accuracy you require) or Degrees Minutes and Seconds in the alphanumeric format that best suites you.

Unless requested to do so by the client when undertaking conversion we do not usually change any client data, but assign a unique record identifier to each record if such is not already present, convert the "Input" data and append the converted "Output" to the original record. Our preferred format in which to receive data is as ASCII Delimited Comma Separated or fixed format, but can review what you have available.

We specialise in high volume conversion; whether your requirement is measurable in 1000's, 10,000's or many 100,000's of records ~ do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist you.

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