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GeoFile British Isles Gazetteer

Gazetteer of over 50,000 places (illustration), details: Place, County, Region, Country, N.Grid & Numeric coords (km/miles), Sector level Postcode, PostTown and Key Location Directional text (total 16 fields). Final 2 fields hold "Old County" if amended due to recent UK changes.

As an alternative to geo-referencing in N.Grid, we can provide Latitude & Longitude as either Degrees Minutes Seconds alphanumeric format or as numeric Decimal Degrees.

Bespoke subsets are available, for example: a) specific fields or b) regional coverage.

Content Example 1 Example 2 Fields
Place Abberton Abbots Deuglie 1
County & Code Heref & Worcs, 041 Perth & Kinross, 125 2
Country-Region ENG-WM SCO-MD 1
N/Grid SO995536, SO95, SO NO117110, NO11, NO 3
Kms 399.53, 253.62 311.76, 711.01 2
Miles 248.26, 157.59 193,72, 441.80 2
Key Location 6.5m 10.5km NNW:Evesham 7.9m 12.7km S :Perth 1
Postal Sector WR10 2 PH2 9 1
OldCty -,- Tayside, 088 2

This product is a comprehensive Gazetteer of "Places"; for places where several postcode Sectors may apply (e.g. Cities), it details the predominant/closest to the geo-reference of the "place". For those who equally or primarily concerned with "postal geography" we have available our "National Postal Summary" files.


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