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About Us

Since formation in 1993, we have specialised in the compilation and supply of quality, innovative, logically structured UK and International information frequently related to the high volume complex variables of addressing, post/zip codes, geographic, geo-spatial data: standard products, bespoke solutions and client projects.

We have provided "solutions" to a truly broad range of organisations from "start ups", Sole-Traders, Consultants, Software Houses, National Charities, Government bodies, Private and Public Companies to Global Multi-Nationals. We take pride in the diversity of our client base and their loyalty to us; strongly believing the latter is earnt from a blend of expertise & depth of knowledge with commitment to quality & service.

Our aim has always been fulfilment of customer / client objective through focused advice, expert knowledge and implementation of our information and products.

The range and quality of what we offer, our expertise, is illustrated by the content of our Website: from products such as our postcoded UK Street Address Database, single page explanations such as that of Latitude & Longitude and the Postcode System, free global tools and mash-ups to provide you an immediate "answer" or the more general we make available to you on our site.

Whether you have a specific requirement relating to our products or services, want to find out more or discuss a possibility, simply feel we may be able to assist you.. Contact Us.


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